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The doors

The doors indicate a passage, they invite to go beyond them, but the key is an initiating journey, it is a forced road: when the doors is opened, the unconscious meets the colour and it allows to transport.
It is alone then that the true sense of the work is understood, the same work

1996_immagini_100x200_modificato_1.jpg   1997_tras_porta_50x200.jpg  
Images 1996 oil on doors 100×200

Tras… Hands 1997 oil on door 50×200

1999_porta-_n_2_grigio_54x160-jpg.jpg 1999_porta_n_3_blu_48x172.jpg    
Hands n°2 Grey 1999 oil on door 54×160
Hands n°3 Blue 1999 oil on door 48×172