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The childish drawing: the Blackboards

The line becomes a new language, the gesture for the child evokes a connection with the reality and discovery of a fabulous “Magic”
In the childish drawing the little boys’ gestuality transports us to a primary language, where the world seen through the eyes of innocence, runs across the emotional memory, where the artist brings us back, throughout his abstract forms, to symbols belonging to the infancy world, the sun, the house, the road…
The line is born at the bottom and moving constantly up constructs the sketch and symbolizes the artist’s state of memory, where his emotions lived in so faraway reminiscences, slowly transform into a material subject, drawing and colour.

The Blackboards
Once I imagined a Blackboard.
There was a child inside a man.
A man and any human being wherever that was born, remembers himself as a child, pure and innocent, his Blackboard was clean and empty and then time by time he filled it up whit his emotions trying to communicate with the surrounding reality. And before starting to speak, the drawing becomes a primary language.
Hardly treated the child’s blackboard is clean, it intends to communicate small experiences, break up the silence. But in that innocence one can read slight fears and emotions.
Any child of any part the earth, expresses himself through a common language and the drawing thus becomes an universal image.
Once I imagined ten coloured blackboards that symbolize various races of the earth: yellow one, red, blue, green, gold ones …. without pointing out the origin.
The blackboards put all together communicate a common thought, express small emotions without being subdued from any political and religious ideology.
They wish to communicate a message of Peace to the World.
An universal language.

black_board.jpg   blue_board.jpg  


Black-board 2004 oil, mixed technique on canvas 100×80 Blue-board 2004 oil, mixed technique on canvas 100×80   Green-board 2004 oil mixed technique on canvas 100×80


Red-board 2004 oil mixed technique on canvas 100×80 White-board 2004 oil mixed technique on canvas 100×80