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Glass door

The Glass Doors impregnated with chromatic and sacred atmospheres, they are as border place between the intimate and external world.
In that extreme limit the conflict moment is caught, it is expressed through transversal incisions, penetrating the subject.
The painting is no more an aesthetic and decorative element.

2005_vetrata_n1_40x80.jpg   2005_vetrata_n3_40x80.jpg    
Glass door n°1 2005 mixed technique on wood 40×80
Glass door n°3 2005 mixed technique on wood 40×80    
2005_vetrata_n4_60x120.jpg 2006_vetrata_n5_40x80.jpg    
Glass door n°4 2005 mixed technique on canvas 60×120

Glass door n°5 2005 mixed technique on wood 40×80