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Born in the 1962, Jeanfilip. lives and works in the provinces of Milano Italy.

Attends for years to an art school and ldevoting himself to the study of figure and landscape developing a good impressionist tecnique in which he expresses feelings througt the harmony of color,creating limpid works with light effects and shades.

His early exhibitions trace back to this period when he takes part in collective demonstrations with other artist and fellow-students. In the long run he goins more and more artistical maturity and the attraction for painting works out after anintense period of studies of italian and international moder-contemporaneus painting and from the desidere of wreching the natural shapes that appear to our eyes.

Getting out from figurative his early abstract works show the effect of shopes-scanning recalling the cubist art. begins in this way the real study of shape of painting of serching where the same shapes get a proper vitality and the composition became an elaborate subject created from the relation between shape and color.

The space is modulated by sinuous lines of composition and by chiaroscuro that mark the surface of the picture. This relation between shape and color becomes more and more intense as years go by and the artist goins more and more mastery starting to expose in personal exhibitions his own abstract painting that let everybody know his works and to exhibit in various galleries and demonstrations, observing carefully his works offer a richest and fine range of cromatic notes to our eyes that create a sense of space and dinamism thanks also to the density of thikness of the basis botton got using the most various materials.

Even the support obtains importance using alternative materials of recovery to the classic cloth as making use of old doors, plastic and else. The pictures are realized with warm tones and trusting totally tothe color justifies the achievement of a diffused pictorial armony organized by an internal energy revealed by the artist.

The trasparence of color let light filter giving prominence to the central shapes of the work that spreading for the whole pictorial surface and the superimposition of shapes produces a continuos run of levels creating depth, the niances slide in the shade giving brightness to the other parts of the picture.

In the image the color is the one to determinate the shape that hides in every work the need of the artist to express through the painting his feeling, his own memories, the vision of everyday life and the realithy that surrounds him.


Comment damjfaustino
Ora: 2 agosto 2008, 13:38

Hi Jean Filip! I have seen your beautiful works. “Aqua”, “The Doors” and “The Line” are still in my memory. Amazing, how you create space, with a simple line… Those lines reveals a lot of you I think, they could had been your signature… Keep up with the good work! mjf

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